Housing First

is regarded as one of the most important innovations in homelessness service design.

This Collection is a resource focused on the housing element of Housing First

The Housing First Development Collection showcases a range of Australian and international Housing First programs, demonstrating how Housing First has been applied to date while providing a starting point for practitioners, service providers, policy-makers and Community Housing Providers eager to implement Housing First.

The very nature of permanent supportive housing means that in order to support more individuals, the need to acquire homes is imperative. This collection hopes to inspire your aspirations for developing housing units that will conform to best practice and contribute towards ending homelessness.

Housing First models

Housing First provides independent and permanent housing to people experiencing long term, and reoccurring, homelessness

Housing First resources

A library of information on Housing First and homelessness.

Latest news

Moorditj Mia – Shelter WA

Moorditj Mia (Strong Home) – Australia’s first Aboriginal Housing First Support Service, offers culturally-secure homelessness outreach services to Aboriginal people. It’s led by Noongar Mia…

Veteran’s Living Program – Shelter WA

Veterans are recognised as a population at higher risk of homelessness and are less likely to access mainstream homelessness services than the general population. On…

Noongar Housing First Principles – Shelter WA

In November 2021 Noongar Mia Mia launched the Noongar Housing First Principles. Titled Noongar Cultural Framework and Noongar Housing First Principles there development not only…

Homelessness Inquiry – Shelter WA

Shelter WA has welcomed the release of the final report of the Commonwealth House of Representatives Committee Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia. The Committee received…

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